Aged fumes and international travels.


This woman wandering around Borough market, I’m assuming she lives a wonderful life of leisure, enjoying the tourist attractions across not only the UK but the international seas. As she wanders past the truffles and cheese stand inhaling the aged fumes as she sips on what looks like an Americano, she seems to be a family woman sharing a joke with daughter. They laugh and joke as we follow them, she even turns to us to invite a sniff towards the truffles, not a pleasant smell I must say.

As the lady of leisure I imagine her to be, she seems to be lively and active, I’ve assumed this conclusion from her style and colour combinations. The pink and blue wouldn’t typically work but her tonal choices push the boundaries we expect from an ‘older’ woman. Her surrounding family are dressed in the glum monotone outfits with limited colour coming from glimpses at typography on their shirts so as she strolls along with them she becomes the focal point of the huddle. Once again down to her stylish, fashion forward tonal choices. The light pink combined with a navy isn’t so bright that it hurts your eyes as a neon shade would but it’s engaging enough to evoke a second glance. I wish her luck on her leisurely travels.


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