Autumn Evening In Notting Hill


Notting Hill

Crispy-cold air, the end of daylight savings, we take a journey from the east of London and stumble upon a quaint street settled in the heart of Notting Hill. The lights of the street lamps shimmers along the overcast area, while a burst of colours from the houses create a vibrant atmosphere amongst the grey skies.

Whilst passing through the striking palette of Portobello Road, a house came particularly endearing. The shade of blue and white fuse a calming balance in the eye, foreshadowing the azure and fairness of the winter months is in the midst.

The black railings, barn inspired doors, and the use of squares creates a rigid view, nicely contrasting with the lightness of the colours. In addition, the preservation of the brick flooring develops a classical feel.

I felt a wondrous feeling of nostalgia when I realised the architecture reminded me of the Norfolk coast, my home. The balcony, the rooftop garden, painted doors created a sense of innocence, romance and softness. It reflects a lot on nature, especially the sea. It paints a calm aroma contrasting the hustle and bustle of the city.

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