Die Tanzenden

Arising the fall of the Berlin Wall, the effects left behind the ruins of what had segregated two communities which is commemorated currently as the East Side Gallery. Rather than reminiscing on the past, Berlin has created this area for creativity.

From my own recent visit, I came across a specific piece that I found interesting by the artist ‘Die Tanzenden’. The immediate attraction occurred because of the effective use of colour – the image portrayed is a portion of the wall that demonstrates the use of bright colours complimenting the crevices of dark shades. The outline of the painting is clearly shown in the darkest colour – black, this makes it seem more messy and artistic because of the intricate lines used. More so, the use of bright colours such as yellow, in comparison to the black lines, seems to have a much higher tolerance of consideration as the painting looks more effective and time-consuming.

The piece of street art makes me question the disillusion reality of the bodily structures painted. Had the artist purposely painted the individuals with rather elongated limbs and dissipated expression that incite a certain emotion that could possible relate to the history of Germany?

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