House For The Naive

As you turn around for one last gaze at the building which held you for the winter, dropping your life off of your shoulders onto the crisp, cold grass, to embrace the sought out feeling of accomplishment and tranquility. The anxiety, turmoil and distress which unraveled in the four walls before you over the past intense three months, now is perceived as necessary, compared to your naive entrance.

The hazy blend of greens, blues, blacks, yellows and whites created by the suns reflection off of the slowly melting snow and ice, distorts your interpretation of the house before you and the memories detained for one split second, before regaining clarity. You do not want to speak of the events that unfolded, only describe the emotions attached, for it will ruin it for others whom wish to experience the feeling that caresses you. So, you heave your damp bag onto your back and walk away forever, now with wider eyes and a serene soul.


Written by: Blake Creighton


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