Masculinity vs feminity (Nela J)

When the sun comes up – photographers go out. Sunday offered a great opportunity to be a little creative and I was honestly surprised how beautiful the photographs I took were.
The picture is all about contrast, which is presented in a number of ways.
First of all, is the contrast between symbols and meanings, represented by the model and the t-shirt he is wearing. The model is a good representation of the stereotypical male – a rough look and a beard. On the other hand, the t-shirt is millennial pink, which is feminine and romantic, commonly associated with womanly attire.  Pink is a symbol of tenderness and sensitivity, which in history was not expected from men. I am sure there are still few people who judge the men who wear pink clothes and find it emasculating or weak. Although it is upsetting, this is the power of the colour.
Another contrast I see is between the wall and bright sky. Despite the fact that we can see only a small piece of sky, the contrast is clearly visible. White looks even more bright when compared to the saturated blue. Both of the colours add a pure and delicate atmosphere. This pure feeling we get from background contrasts with the already mentioned masculinity of the model.
Although this was not my primary goal when capturing the photo, it came out pretty well. I can see that after detailed observation, we can find the meaning of a photograph hidden inside, even if we do not see it at first.

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