orange aesthetic

This is a picture of me on the bus with my best friend’s gay pride flag. It was taken 5th August 2017 on the way to the ExCeL centre for Summer In The City where YouTubers gather with fans and communities come together. Whilst I was at the event, there was a stall with Pride flags. The event had lots of attendees who were LGBT including me, my friend and people we met who we became close with. The point of these events are to create a safe space for young people, not just interested in YouTube but social medias and social issues and creating friendships.

The flag stands out as it’s the brightest part of the photo as the bus seats are a dark purple with the people in front are almost sillouette figures. We left quite early in the morning so the bus lights are still on and the sun is coming up which brings an orange glow to the sky. Orange is bold colour and it shows here as the orange in the flag is the focal point in the picture. The yellow hues of the bus lights and the green in the third stripe and the trees in the window really make the orange pop. At the time, my hair was quite faded and overdue on a dye so it was this faded orange which stands out here.

Being comfortable in your sexuality adds to a person’s boldness and confident. I came out as bisexual in November 2015 when I was 16 however 2017 was the year I finally felt comfortable enough to accept it and be proud and be myself. The event brought lots of people together and it was wonderful to see so many flags, not just gay – bisexual, transgender, asexual etc, flying high at a place with lots of colour and happiness.  The LGBT community is full of colour and community.  Being loud and proud should be accepted as this leads to happiness in comfortable confidence.


The second picture is of a quad in my favourite eyeshadow palette. It’s the Sophdoesnails x Makeup Revolution palette. The shades in the palette are very mixed from shimmers to mattes. The colours include a deep purple shimmer to a white matte to a bright hot pink matte. The quad that the picture focuses on is the orange, the blood orange, the hot pink and the coppery shimmer.  The other shades in shot but not in focus are earthy tones, both shimmers and mattes.

The quad really stands out because they are bright against the earthy natural colours. To me, the orange is the best colour here because its next to a shimmery gold (

Grow Old as its called) and the pink next to it making it really pop. The cream colour of the palette’s packaging helps this as its a muted colour making the orange bright. It’s a perfect autumn colour as it’s coming up for Halloween and the leaves are changing. It’s a colour that works well on every skin tone; bright on darker skin and looks natural on paler skin but still pops. It’s my favourite in the palette as my hair is orange so it works with my hair.



Chloe Mitchell

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