pink crash

It is nearly Christmas time and the whole city seems ready for the holiday. Me, Jeci and Maxine decided to go to Selfridges and buy some gifts for friends. We walked on the street and talked about how people in London usually dressed. Well, we agree that people in London like dark colour the most, approximately 80% of people’s outfit are mature but without some interesting and colourful style. While we were talking about this, we saw a man who wore a pair of pink jeans and he was on his phone! We laughed because Jeci wore a pink jacket and black jeans. It was a perfect coincidence! People have to admit that not many men would wear pink jeans in London. We were lucky enough to see this. At first, we wanted to ask him for a photo with Jeci. However he seemed really busy on his phone so we just decided to take a photo of his back. When Jeci stood there behind him, the photo just became special and interesting.

Pink is not actually a real colour, it’s just pale red. But there must be a reason for people to pick it out and gives it a name. Pink is popular in both girls and boys. Pink makes the whole city becomes more energetic. I really hope to see more people wear colourful outfits on the street! In addition, if they wear pink, then that’s even more perfect!


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