Sounds of the Universe

This photograph is undoubtedly imperfect – from the wrinkled curtains found on display to the blurry reflection of a building found in the streets of Soho. But, it is also full of movement. What distinguishes this photograph from the many others taken on the street are the countless tints of blue. As the light falls on the creaks of the curtains, a juxtaposition is created between the dusky and lucent hues of blue.

During the day, Duck Lane of London is as mysterious as it is at night. It remains shallow and deserted, while the parallels to it are crowded and filled with noisy tourists. As I captured this photograph, I was anxiously waiting for someone to appear in the balcony, expecting them to give me an unpleasant grin. To my disappointment, no one appeared.

When capturing the image I failed to notice the complementary colours – the hazy blue of the curtains, the  faint orange hues of the window frames and the  dated bricks on which the street name lies. The display shop which the curtains hung over is titled Sounds of the Universe. Only after further inquiry, I found that the curtains were hung at record shop. Although the title greatly hints to the art of music, I believe it reflects the photograph itself. Looking at the photograph I can almost hear the wind whistling in my ear, as I picture the curtains swaying as someone walks past them inside the store.

Written and photographed by Ugne Zukauskaite

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