South London’s Cheapest Cinema

Peckhams own independent cinema known as Peckhamplex is well known for being one of South London’s favourite and cheapest cinemas, With prices ranging from £4.99 for any normal film to £5.99 for any 3D film. Which if you ask me or anyone else for that matter, its a pretty good price for London.

The cinema itself was established in 1994. It started out by screening mainstream, art house, foreign language and independent films and has now gone on to screen pretty much any film under the sun. Perfect for whatever mood you’re in.

The exterior and interior of Peckhamplex is both unique and aesthetically pleasing all at once. The outside has just undergone a re- vamp with the new signage ‘Peckhamplex’ being written in graffiti like pink writing, nicely tying into the area it is based in. The inside is also pretty much entirely pink which along with the pic-a-mix stand and old movie posters gives a really ‘retro American cinema’ aesthetic.

Alike to marmite, you either love or hate Peckhamplex. Whether or not you can deal with the sticky cinema floor or the interesting decor entirely depends on the type of person you are. Although, with this in mind, your getting what you pay for and to be quite honest I don’t think I’ve met anyone that doesn’t love it.

By Amy Pateman


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