Stranger Things

“A project started after experiencing a mental health issue, I decided to try to help strangers that might be having a hard time.”  – Andy Leek.

Walking through Elephant & Castle having a bad day and you look up and are suddenly gripped by the neon greens, yellows and pinks with a little message of support on the side of an old phone booth. Andy Leek is helping brighten the day of those with mental health issues across London. After suffering with mental health problems Andy decided to turn his issue into creativity. His work has reached millions of people with the use of his @notestostrangers Instagram account. With no money being spent on advertising or promotion Andy has encouraged others in his field to becoming self sufficient artists.

Andy currently works out of his own workshop in Brixton, South London. His use of colour is what makes him so unique and his projects don’t stop at @notestostrangers. He created a ‘coloured glasses’ project which features bright neon paintings of people from JK Rowling to Louis C.K. His colourful reputation is spreading across London as he continues to develop new stranger things.

Cara Molloy


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