Straßenschilder wöw

Street signs – the unsung heroes of a city, both subtle and essential, without which we would – quite literally – be lost. They are integral to our movements within a city and are under constant scrutiny, even if the information we retain from them is entirely practical: we look for assurance we are on the right track, not even stopping for a second to analyse its design. Yet the visual design of the signs of the city –from colour, shape and typography – can define your experience in a city or urban landscape.

The use of yellow on signs is beneficial on a practical level – when paired with another colour it provides a high contrast, particularly when paired with black, that captures the visual attention of a passer-by easily and effectively. However, it not only has practical uses but also an aesthetic quality, that makes it a popular choice in typographic elements of design not only within street signs, but also posters, stickers and wall displays.

Berlin is commonly known as the mecca of design, particularly their use of typographic elements in print.  This transcends beyond the walls of the studios, clubs and galleries, spilling into the streets and covering every wall, lamp post, and any other surface area thinkable. From punchy posters promoting events to stickers of brands, there is design everywhere in Berlin – and much of it is yellow.

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