The Art of Anonymous Messaging

Based in Brixton, but spreading quickly across London, the self sufficient artist Andy Leek is single handedly tackling the concept of a negative mindset by leaving small anonymous notes to strangers.

Driven by his own battles with mental health issues and ‘a desire to be a positive influence on society’, Leek uses bold pops of colour in order to draw attention to his work. The notes are most notably left in areas which have a prominent lack of colour, often in an industrial setting which further emphasises the bold message that he is trying to portray to his audience.

He uses colour to compliment the messages that he is putting out, for example using yellow which is an emotional colour to promote happiness and blue, an intellectual colour, to communicate logical thinking.

Other projects pioneered by Leek include ‘Portrait Adventure’ which paid homage to his late mother who had passed away from cancer and ‘Just Comments’, an experimental website consisting solely of a comments box accessible to thousands of people all over the world.

To delve deeper into his work visit @notestostrangers on Instagram.


Megan Hynes

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