The Freedom Of Pink

The colour pink is associated with themes of joy, femininity, freedom, friendship, love and approachability however can represent physical weakness. The image of the pink bike contrasts this view of physical weakness because a bike is associated with strength and health. A bike can also symbolises freedom and travel as well as the colour pink. Although pink can be associated mainly with females the object of a bike can be aimed for both genders or be more masculine.

In London, bikes are seen as being more fashionable and vibrant in how they look compared to other countries. The introduction of ‘Boris Bikes’ have become more popular in London over the past few years due to the city wanting to become more eco-friendly the colour pink symbolises the new approachability and joy of the city since the introduction. The colour pink puts people more in touch with the nurturing side of themselves and can signify good health the bike representing this. Using a bike instead of public transport can give people more freedom to explore the city and have fun at the same time; bike rides can be shared with family and friends therefore creating stronger bonds and relationships.

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