The Illegal Galleries

Hidden away in the back alleys of Peckham is art. The walls celebrated with colour; pink, purple, green, white. The precision, the care, the artist, the love. The place where anything is created, the freedom you feel when exiting the busy high street to a place where you can break the rules in the most liberating way. 

Strolling through the back streets admiring the work before your eyes, absorbing the diversity and individuality, inspiration filling you with each step and every corner. Graffiti has many negative connotations such as; being gang-related or promoting anti-social behaviour, which it can influence in all honesty. However, it is up to us to change that perception and alter the cynical impact it will have on the younger generation, we should be defusing these stereotypes and rebuilding them with enthusiastic undertones. After all, art is all about interpretation. Should it matter if someone uses spray paint on a wall, instead of oil painting on a canvas? What is the difference? Is there a difference, because I don’t see one.

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