The Dead Leaves

The Dead Leaves

In London, the battle between humans and nature is most evident as an empty can of Gordon’s Gin & Schweppes Tonic and a Kit Kit wrapper lies amongst the naturally falling leaves of autumn. At first glance, the layer of litter appears to be a separate image, superimposed on top of another, but the shades of red stand out against all other colours – a perfect example of the beauty in nature, death and decay. The Dead Leaves, are crisp in texture and delicate in form – the red symbolising the death of summer, and gold the beginning of a new season.

Autumn is a time of reflection; cold, melancholic and pensive, as we remember the things we had planned to accomplish but failed to. These feelings are translated in the song ‘Les Feuilles mortes’ (literal translation ‘the dead leaves’) , the 1945 French song most well known now as the English revised version, ‘Autumn Leaves’.

Les feuilles mortes se ramassent a la pelle,

Les souvenirs et les regrets aussi

‘Fallen leaves can be picked up by the shovelful, so can memories and regrets’.

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